“Pep” admits the attacking line had trouble losing to Spurs

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola hails Spurs for being strong Pointing out the attack game, the sailboat has a problem causing the Premier League opener defeat

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola opened up about his side’s 1-0 defeat at Tottenham Hotspur in the opening game of the 2021 Premier League season. 22

By Pep Guardiola, “Spurs are a strong contender for us. I always felt that we did well when we played here. But we cannot keep a good result.”

“But statistics are statistics, you lose the ball and they make the transition from defensive to attacking. They play really well with the ball.”

“We lose the ball easily in the game so it’s a mistake that can’t happen. If you want the team to be stable We have good intentions. We entered the last area several times. We have been in a one-on-one situation many times. But in the end we couldn’t dribble through, get chances to score and turn into goals.”

“But our way of playing is good. We play with our selves. Now we have to go back to practice. and prepare for the next game We do everything to win. The players gave 90 minutes and we have another week to prepare for the Norwich game,” the Manchester City boss said.

For the next match of Manchester City, the queue for the visit of Norwich City on August 21 at 21.00 Thailand time.