Manchester City defeating Norwich City 5-0

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Manchester City start the first three points successfully, opening the nest, defeating Norwich City 5-0 in this game, Jack Grealish start in the starting line. And open the first score in the shirt. “The Blues” has been successful. While the team “Canary Yellow” is still without points in the Premier League on August 21 at the past.

The English Premier League football match. They will be play on Saturday 21 August 2021 at the Etihad Stadium between Manchester City and Norwich City. 

 Pep Guardiola start with a 1-0 defeat to Spurs

    Pep Guardiola led the Blues to the start with a 1-0 defeat to Spurs. This game has change the starting XI in several positions from the previous game. Sending Jack Grealish standing as An offensive trio with Gabriel Jesus and Ferran Torres. 

The first half opened for 7 minutes. Manchester City quickly took the lead from the rhythm of Gabriel Jesus’ right-hand opening, pushing into the penalty area. Grant Hanley tried to block the ball to change the way to hit Tim Teacher. l enters his own door 

Manchester City and almost got the second goal

    After that, it is also a chance to attack Manchester City and almost got the second goal in the 15th minute, Gabriel Jesus pass the ball through the channel for Ferran Torres to shoot a narrow angle into the goal. But the referee reverted to checking VAR himself to recapture the goal as Bernardo Silva fouled the Norwich defense first. 

However, the hosts brought 2-0 until in the 23rd minute from the moment that Gabriel Jesus pays stuffed into the penalty area. the Norwich defense line, extracted the ball into Jack Grealish, who stood in the open air. Use the knee to kick the ball into the goal. 

The rest of the time is also “The Blues” who moved forward to attack on one side, but scored more goals to not finish the first half, Manchester City led Norwich 2-0 

The second half of the game

    The second half of the game proceeded to the 64th minute, the score flowing 3-0 from the stroke of a corner kick on the left side of the defense line. Norwich block the ball into the gun of Laporte, shot into the goal. 

    Only not enough In the 70th minute, Gabriel Jesus dropped to the end of the line and paid for Raheem Sterling to charge, empty, leaving Manchester City to lead 4-0.

    The defenders continued to chase the goal non-stop in the 84th minute. Ruben Dias put the ball from the middle of the field for Riyad Mahrez to fall off the offside trap and shoot alone in front of the goal.  
    The rest of the time, no more goals. End of the game. Manchester City defeated Norwich City 5-0 to win the first match successfully.