Saki Anwari crashes plane after fleeing Taliban

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The Guardian reported that Saki Anwari, a young player who played for the Afghan national team. At the youth level, he died after trying to flee his hometown. With the island of the US Army aircraft. But crash down while the plane was in midair.

 Saki Anwari, young Afghan footballer Died at the age of 19 after trying to hold a plane to flee the country from the Taliban. But fell from the extinguisher tragically According to reports of “The Guardian“. The media in England.

The 19-year-old, who represent the country at youth level in 2018, was among people trying to escape after the Taliban invad Kabul. And absolute control over the country. Anwari is said to have been among hundreds of people trying to flee Kabul in a U.S. Army C-17 transport plane. But he was unlucky when he is one of two people who fell from the plane shortly after taking off. 

Babak Tahwai, a journalist in Afghanistan Reported the tragedy via Twitter, a famous website saying: “It’s very regrettable. Heard that one of the youths who tried to flee Kabul by jumping on the wheels of a C-17 transport plane a few days ago is Afghan youth national team player Saki Anwari. 

Afghanistan’s Physical Education and Sports Commission confirm Anwari is among hundreds of people who try to flee the country by jumping on a US military plane. But he crash in midair and eventually died.